2023 – The Oldies don’t stop let’s enjoy this great music even as time moves on 

– We have kept things shakin’ all the way through another year with great boppin’ oldies!

2021 – Once the boppin’ started it didn’t end as we spun all the tunes that kept us shakin’ back in time

2020 – We are in the FUTURE but Rockin’ with stacks of WAX just like back in 1956

2019 – Amazing year as we blasted through the OLDIES and added even more hidden treasures to the play list to keep you boppin

2018 – Half the year hosted by our own girl Rebel Heather Heat see what cool cat oldies she will spin

2017 – Some Real big BOPPERS hit the play list along with those oddities you don’t find on the main stream oldies shows

2016 – Theme shows More howling and Buried treasures GALORE

2015 – Studio improves and the oldies still groove

2014 – The show is becoming one of the most d/led shows on the site … people love stepping back in time

2013 – More music more buried treasures

2012 – First year we blew the dust off more Oldies to give you a full featured show kicked off on August 31st of 2012