Play List – TEXT File D/L

Jim Burgett – Live It Up
Bob King – Rockin’ Jukebox
Benny Joy – Rollin’ The Juke Box Rock
Janis Martin – Drugstore Rock ‘N’ Roll
Teddy Rich – Put A Nickel In The Juke Box
Ramblin´ Jimmie Dolan – Juke Box Boogie
Ray Coleman & His Skyrockets – Jukebox Rock And Roll
Bobby Paige & The El Dorados – Little Hot Rod
Ray Campi Feat. Pat Reyford – Hot Rod Ford.
Hermy Herman – Hey Hot Rod
Slick Slavin – Speed Crazy
Tom Tall – Hot Rod Is Her Name
Doug Harden – Dig That Ford
The Pilgrim Brothers – (Slow) Cold Rain
Rayburn Anthony With The Kool Kats – So Cold
Eddie Bond – Ice Cold Baby
Jessie Mae – Don’t Freeze On Me
Billy Briggs – North Pole Boogie
Three Aces & Joker – Sleighbell Rock
Little Joey Farr – Rock & Roll Santa
Babs Gonzales – Be Bop Santa Claus
Cordell Jackson – Rock N Roll Christmas
Harry Lee – Rockin’ On A Reindeer
Charlie Stewart – Santa Claus Won’t Come This Year

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