Play List – TEXT File D/L

Steve Gibson & The Red Caps – Rock n’ Roll Stomp
The Kalin Twins – Jumpin’ Jack
Pat Flowers – Rock-Sock The Boogie
Harry Carter – Jump Baby Jump
Matchbox – I Don’t Wanna Boogie Alone
Rick Emerson & The Sidewinders – Dance With Me
Sonny Forest – Travellin’
Chuck Berry – Route 66
The Raiders – Stick Shift
Ken Mcwilliams & The Twi-Lighters – Devil On Death Highway
Stray Cats – Rockin’ All Over the Place
Niki Sullivan – It’s All Over
Ronnie Allen – Flip Over You
Jackie Whitley – Mean Man Blues
Lee Chandler – Your Cheatin’ Heart
Don Cole – Lie Detector Machine
Tommy Day – Stop Telling Those Lies
Memphis Minnie – Shout the Boogie
Johnny Bragg and the Marigolds – Juke Box Rock and Roll
Ray Smith – Swinging Boogie
Aubrey Bradford With Brad’s Orchestra – Get Your Feet On The Floor
Bobby Mitchell – Try Rock and Roll

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