Play List – TEXT File D/L

RBDZ – Halloween
Bert Convy – The Monster Hop
Bobby Dee & The Crestliners – Graveyard Twist
The Symbols – Do The Zombie
The Drivers – Dry Bones Twist
Griz Green – Jam At The Mortuary
The Revels – Dead Man’s Stroll
Mike Thomas – Grave Yard
Jerry (Houndogs) Bryan – Vampire Daddy
Archie King – Vampires
Garry Warren – Warewolf
Mandrake – The Witch’s Twist
Bobby Please – The Monster
Hollywood Flames – Frankenstein’s Den
Barry Ray – Something From The Twilight Zone
Jim Burgett – Jekyll And Hyde
The Cadillacs – The Boogie Man
Albert DeSalvo – Strangler In The Night
The Last Word – Sleepy hollow
Brian & Garry & The Chain Rattlers – Terrorvision Time
Ted Cassidy – The Lurch
Scottie Stuart – Nightmare
RBDZ – Kittens
Lum Hatcher – Behind The Fear
John Zacherley – Happy Halloween

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