Located in Springfield, Ohio, USA. with the Goal of keeping the Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Punkabilly/Hillbilly & Hellbilly Music
scene in the public eye & hopefully broaden the  knowledge of the music through out the  world.

We produce 3 HQ audio broadcast, Produce various video projects and run a 24/7 on-line station
to also support the music & the artist whom keep the scene rockin.


Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite (Psychobilly , Rockabilly , Punkabilly  & More ) Posted EVERY SATURDAY

Rockabilly Dayz – Rockabilly and Rhythm and blues from the 50’s to the 80’s Posted Every Other Wednesday

Hellbilly Express – Monthly Net Cast posted first Monday of the month. Playing Outlaw , Hillbilly , Hellbilly , ect.

None of the POP COUNTRY that you get force fed by the main stream media !


The Sheep Dog : Creator of the Site and also current host of Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite & Rockabilly Dayz .. He Loves To HOWL to Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rebel Heather Heat: Current Host of our own Hillbilly show The Hellbilly Express . Rebel is a up and coming presenter whom delivers all the best of the roots music every month


The studio stream keeps mainly current Rockabilly / Psychobilly music pumping 24 hours a day. Every hour you will be treated to a Flashback tune (Oldie) and is streamed with the radio automation program Radio Dj . We hope in the Future to expand the stream with LIVE On-Air presenters and specialty programing .If you have a PODCAST or show that might fit into our stations STYLE contact us about getting a time slot to present your show e-mail


Working on doing more YouTube Content with our new Mixabilly brand page (Stay Tuned for That)

The studio is also used for outside ventures including but not limited to Voice Overs, Radio Imaging and other various audio work through the Cat Ass Media Production label.

Past Audio Work Includes
Artie Clear Show – Sunset Island Music – Dr. Ronnie Luv Show
Several Liners and commercial spots for radio and podacst

If you are need of any Voice Over work please contact us