Play List – D/L TEXT File

Hillbilly Hellcats – Hippy Dance
The Outsiders PBR – R.N.R.A.D.Y.
The Scruffy Kings – Plain Rude
Bad Dooleys – Psycho Rebels from Hell
Lance “Romance” Bakemeyer – Harder Faster
Durango – Rock n’ Roll Is Here To stay
The Recently Deceased – Live Fast And Die
The Von Rebels – Fast Lane
Los Pontiaks – Evil Road
Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers – Eating Up The Road
Kookie Kutterz – Joy Ridin’
Evil Daltons – Party Time
The Rocketz – Get No Sleep
Psycho Devilles – 6 Beers In Six Minutes
Boo Devils – Too Much Booze
Squidbillys – I Was Drunk
The Mudmen – King of Confusion
The Lab Ratz – The One Who Lives in Your Brain
Mad Sin – Am I Human?
The Lucitones – False Sense of Reality
Delta Bombers – Hi-Strung Ramble

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