Play List – D/L TEXT File

The Chop Tops – Teddy Boy Stomp
Raccoons – Snarlin’ Darlings
The Hillbilly Moon Explosion – Teddy Boy Flick Knife Rock’n’roll
Sandy and the Wild Wombats – Tight Leatherette
The Pinstripes – Hoochie Coochie Man
G-String – Something’s Wrong With My Radio
EightBomb – Sound Of Boogie
Daisy Dick The Cannibal Sinners – Radio Star Babies
The Kopy Katz – Suck
Calling Kings – The Bad Song
The Meteors – More Demons Than Most
Dr Loomis and the Freakies – That Life
The 69 Cats – I’m Evil
The Dead Beat Jacks – Psychobilliac
Kitty Rose & The Rattlers – Spell
Vulture Club – Voodoo
Screamers & Sinners – Hypnosia
Washington Dead Cats – Black Cat Bone

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