Play List – D/L TEXT File

Les Reservoir Dogs – Rock’n’roll Music
Mad Jack And The Hatters – Shake That Junk
The Spunyboys – Rock Around the Clock
The Neutronz – The Shakedown
Black Cats – Wiggle Wiggle
Lords Of The Highway – Junk In The Trunk
The B-Shakers – Rocket Gal
The Dukes of Bordello – King Of The Road
The Go Go Cult – Horsepower
Ian ‘Spider’ Cubitt – Ghost Car
Mad Guz and The Mojos – Slow Down
Jane Rose And The Deadend Boys – Tuff Love
Bat Hearse – Up for Grabs
The Cramps – What’s Inside A Girl?
The Leechmen – Wrecking Girl
Hellblazers – Lost in My Mind(Fuck)
Evil Elvis – Sick Of This Shit
Apollo 66 – Regrettable Decisions
The Dead Beat Jacks – It Just Gets Worse

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