Play List – D/L TEXT File

The Blues Vultures – Fast Rocker
Out Of Luck – Rockabilly Rocker
The Dragstrip Devils – Rock It
The Lab Ratz – Wannabilly Stomp
Jeff Vitolo – Rock The House
Boom! Boom! Deluxe – Buger And A Beer
The Deadshots – Blood Sweat & Beer
The Rock’n’roll Kamikazes – Ice Cold Beer
Kat Kings Baby You Can’t Drink
Hellabama Honky-Tonks – Too Drunk To Dance
The Reztones – Skoden
Mad Sin – Kicked Down Low, Get Back Up!
Wild Evel And The Trashbones – Rumble The Streets
The Devil’s Sons – Let’s Start a Riot
Black Hearse Getaway – Riot
The Silent Majority – Fast and playful
Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton – Lover On The Side
The Unkool Hillbillies – Another Day Another Lie
Milwaukee Wildmen – You Fuck Me Up
Lonesome Kings – Fake

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