Play List – D/L TEXT File

Mikel Onetwo – Let Me Rock ‘n’ Roll This Town
The Gangnails – Give Me the Mic!
Banane Metalik – Dance
The Trashed – I Wanna Be a Rockstar
Graverise – The Hell I Raise
Hillbilly Rawhide – Madness Rawk N’ Roll
The Bloodstrings – Tik Tik Tik
Slim & The Gems – Takin Names
Norm & the Nightmarez – Psycho Bitch From Hell
Frenetic Trio – Psycho Disease (Studio Live Session)
Graveyard Bashers – Psychobilly Sleazebags
Apollo 66 – Regrettable Decisions
Bat Hearse – I Fell in Love with a Dead Girl
The Hot Tone Sinners – Link Up
Crispy Jones – Wifi Broken
Lee Rocker – The Last Offline Lovers
The Backseat Boogie – God
The Side Burns – Floating Upstream
5¢ Freakshow – Killin’ Em Now
Flesh Roxon – Let’s Fucking Die
Los Hell Gamblers – See You In Hell

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