Play List – D/L TEXT File

The Outsiders – Rockabillys Back In Town
Johnny Rumble & The Law 4000 – Rumble Bop
The Scruffy Kings – Rock all Night
Esther & Los Twangs – Really Gonna Shake
Tupelo Highshots – Move It
Poison Bar – Crazy Rockabilly
Wild Wax Combo – Model A
The Hell Bent Rockers – Hot Rod
The Stinky Rodders – It’s So Fast
Elvis Hitler – Hot Rod To Hell
The Hellbound Hitmen – Drag Strip Hero
Jane Rose And The Deadend Boys – Mopar Car
Tomcat & The Zodiacs – Rockabilly Girl
Tt Syndicate – Tramp Stamp
Bang Bang Bazooka – Hey!
Dan Dismal And The Darkstars – Psychobilly Wet Dream
The Freak Billyz – Jukebox Massacre
Blue Rockin’ – Serial Killer Dance
Johnny Nightmare – Wrecking On The Dancefloor
Graveyard Johnnys – Dancefloor Of Death
Brass Knuckle Boogie – Fire in the Ballroom

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