Play List – D/L TEXT File

Hillbilly Hellcats – Hippy Dance
Brian Setzer – Rock Boys Rock
The Chop Tops – I’m A Rocker
Screaming Lord Sutch – Rock-A-Billy Madman
Sandy And The Wild Wombats – Cure Your Ill
The Bullets – Panic Attack
Grease Creepers – Anxiety With You
Delta 88 – Chills & Fever
The Eyelids – You Make Me a Zombie
The Hellbound Hitmen – She Makes Me Nervous
The Vaudevillains – Neighbourhood
Dicemen – Madman
The Great Shakin’ Fevers – Down By The Road Sides
The Deranged – 6ix Houses Down
The Tazmen – Without Name
The Gruffs – Ying Yang
13 Bats – Virus 187
Doyley & The Rejects – Plandemic
The Peabrains – Disease and Cure
The Black Moon Boys – Lockdown Boogie

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