Play List – D/L TEXT File

Vulture Club – I Feel Better Than James Brown
Spellbound – Rockabilly Psychosis
Mike Badger & The Shady Trio – Shake It Up
Robert Gordon – Three Alley Cats (w/ Dave Alvin)
The Teledynes – Rockabilly Bug
Jack Rabbit Slim – Got A Lotta Rockin’ To Do
The Corsairs – Tattooed Rock Chick
Bang Bang Bazooka – Hey!
Sandy And The Wild Wombats – Rockabilly Man
Hot Rod Rhythm Boys – What Did You Say
John Lindberg Trio – Double Talking
The Hillbilly Moon Explosion – Obsession (w/ Mark Phillips)
Devil Doll – Ballad Of The Rearview Mirror (feat. Charlie Overbey)
Gamblers Mark – Annoying Bitch (feat. Jackie Mendez)
Bonsai Kitten (w/ Hank “Holy Roller” Ray) – Baby Rock On
Danny B. Harvey & Annie Marie Lewis – Trying To Get To You (feat. Lemmy Kilmister)
The Quakes – It’s A Curse (feat. Kitty Casket)
Dead Bones Bunny – She Slays Dragons (feat. Nils Courbaron)
The Hellfreaks – All I Want (feat. Vic Victor)
Clockwork Psycho – Untamed Diamonds
The Brains – You’re Dead (feat. Sarah Blackwood)
Speedmobile – Fun Control
The Meteors – Wrecking Crew
Guitar Slingers – Psycho Mad N Proud
Bone Rattlers – Ain’t No Way
The Hillmans – Baby I’m An Arsehole
Doyley & The Rejects – 40 Days
Trevor Lake – Quaran-Teen
Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys – Hunker In My Bunker
The Von Dukes – Point In Time
The Gold Hope Duo – No Time To Get Bored

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