RBDZ 2019

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04/03/19 – D/L The Mp3 – The #Oldies hit rare form this week as we grab some Comedy/Novelty Rock ‘N’ Roll Classics


03/20/19 – D/L The Mp3 – Let’s get a SPRING BREAK twister under way with great OLDIES tunes
03/06/19 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to give it up for the ladies of ROCK as we go back in time and find a few that belted out the tunes just as good as any guy


02/20/18 – D/L The MP3 This week We travel all around the world via great Oldies
02/06/18 – D/L The MP3 Feel The love as we get in the valentines mood


01/23/18 – D/L The MP3 Rockin Boppers that will transplant your mind back in time
01/09/18 – D/L The MP3 It may be 2019 but we’re going to rock it like “55” as the TURN TABLE is on fire