Play List D/L Text

Rebel Son – Ghost Train
Everymen – Shake Your Bones
Harley Poe – The Hearse Song
Bloody Jug Band – Chained To The Bottom
The .357 String Band – Little Black Train of Death
Beelzebub Jones – Working For The Devil (Feat. Half Deaf Clatch)
Sarah Vista – The Fortune Teller
Steve Earle & The Dukes – Devil Put the Coal in the Ground
Gallows Bound – Appalachian Witch
Charlie Daniels – The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Russ “Big Daddy” Blackwell – The Little Monster
Slackeye Slim – No One Knows My Name
Trash Bats – Rattlin’ Souls
Hells Fire Sinners – Eyes Gone Black
Nick the Barbarian – Maggots In My Soul
Johnny Nicholas – Mule and the Devil
Those Poor Bastards – Something Evil
Tommy Scott & Scotty Lee – Exorcism

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