RBDZ 2020


07/08/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Slick back your hair & join our gang on this one as law breakin’ Rock ‘N’ Roll


06/24/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Spin your wheels backwards to the past and get ready to bop as we cruise through some great Rock ‘N’ Roll history.
06/10/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – The economic BOOM of the 50’s brought more households in America fancy TECH like TV’s and Telephones along with Rock ‘N’ Roll songs about these CRAZY high tech devices


05/27/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Let’s CRUISE down to the Beach as SUMMER hits the U.S.A. and the OLDIES Rock & Roll will guide the way with the top rolled down and the sun shining all around!
05/13/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – we will pay TRIBUTE to the Architect of Rock ‘N’ Roll Little Richard & keep it shakin’ with even more Great Oldies!


04/29/20 – D/L The MP3TXT Playlist – Just a great mix of OLDIES we Love!
04/15/20 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – We blast off to SPACE with some Far Out Rock ‘N’ Roll.
04/01/20 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – time to throw a Living Room Sock Hop as we rewind time and get you boppin’ twistin’ and rollin’


03/18/20 – D/L The MP3TXT Playlist – Time to give it up for the ladies of ROCK
03/04/20 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – we got the OLDIES Music Cookin’ this week as Spin around the turn table to great WELL DONE tunes from the past.


02/19/20 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – It’s good time OLDIES with Rockabilly & Early R&B spinning on the turn table to get you spinning on the dance floor.
02/05/20 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – We Rock LOVE this week on Rockabilly Dayz with some Oldies That Teach us about Huggin Lovin Kissin and of Course BOPPIN’


01/22/20 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – Remember Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & The Big Bopper…. Hit play as Rock & Roll lives again on Rockabilly Dayz
01/08/20 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – Get ready to BOP again like it’s 1956. Our first episode of the year is full of BOOGIE WOOGIE, ROCK ‘N’ ROLLIN’ tunes that will have you feelin’ good and movin’ around the room!