RBDZ 2018


12/05/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This week the OLDIES EXPLODE with that GOOD Rocking feeling. Also The Sheep Dog Returns!!!!


11/21/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Its a Jumpin’, Jivin’, Twistin’ type of Rockabilly Dayz
11/07/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This week we are throwing in a half hour of oldie instrumentals. So lace up your dancing shoes and get ready to twist away


10/24/18 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s almost the end of October which means Halloween!
10/10/18 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s time again to hop in the time mobile and go back to make these oldies new again!


09/26/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This episode of Rockabilly Dayz has us Shakin and Rocking with Granny and is giving us a Fever!
09/12/18 – D/L The Mp3 – ┬áTime for our blast from the past with Rockabilly Dayz! This Week Love, Good-byes, and crazy cats


08/29/18 – D/L The Mp3 – School’s back in session on Rockabilly Dayz and Summer is almost over.
08/15/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This week we remember the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll with Cadillacs, Memphis, and Sun Records
08/01/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This time on Rockabilly Dayz we are going away.. to the MOVIES!


07/18/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Hop in your time machine and boogie back with us as we take a trip down memory lane
07/04/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Let’s go DANCING this week on rockabilly Dayz! Get those legs a’movin and hearts a poundin’


06/20/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Let’s go back in TIME with Rockabilly Dayz! Hot Rods, Rocking, and Summer Love
06/06/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Oldies goes SUMMER CRAZY with Surf Dance and FUN FUN FUN


05/23/18 – D/L The Mp3 – That good Time Rock n Roll Music is Alive and Well so Put on those Blue Suede Shoes & Grab your Brill Cream
05/09/18 – D/L The Mp3 – We Blast Off this week with a special Feature on Space Songs from The 1950’s


04/25/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Ready To shake and bop and rock away with another great set of Oldies Music
04/11/18 – D/L The Mp3 – No shoes are required to get down to are treasure trove of Oldies Music!


03/28/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Boppin’ Rockin’ Lovin’ and that’s not all in this hour filled with great oldies and hidden treasures of days gone by
03/15/18 – D/L The Mp3 – We will boogie, drink, love, and find luck


02/28/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to race along with some auto oldies & boppin
02/14/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Feel The love as we get in the valentines mood


01/31/18 – D/L The Mp3 – The Moon was Shining and the Rockin was Boppin
01/17/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Time To Kick Off another YEAR .. by going to the PAST !