RBDZ 2017

11/22/17 – Grab Mp3 – We wrap the year up with more great Oldies and Look to 2018
11/08/17 – Grab Mp3 – We go R&B Crazy with a tribute to Fats Domino


10/25/17 – Grab Mp3 – It’s a Monster Halloween Bopper
10/11/17 – Grab Mp3 – Time to Twist Up Mother Goose


09/14/17 – Grab Mp3 – Back To School


08/31/17 – Grab Mp3 – Bop it and Go Wild on this Ep that takes us back in time
08/16/17 – Grab Mp3 – A Tribute To The King
08/02/17 – Grab Mp3 – Let’s get into Party Mode as we Bop along On The Beach At The Juke Joint and All Around


07/18/17 – Grab Mp3 – We Stay all shook up in this episode. Full of Lovin’, Drivin and of course Rockin & some  Boppin.
07/05/17 – Grab Mp3 – Rock ‘N’ Roll is back with great oldies that time has forgotten


06/21/17 – Grab Mp3 – Roll back the hands of time and Rock into the summer as we play through some of the greatest Oldies tunes around From Twisting to Shakin’
06/07/17 – Grab Mp3 – We are Cruising to the sounds that brought Rock To Life Jump in your Rod and Turn up These Oldies that are all Gassed up and Ready to RIDE !


05/24/17 – Grab Mp3 – BOP BOP BOP cause it is almost summer time and we spin up some great tunes to take you back to better times
05/10/17 – Grab Mp3 – Dial back to the Rockabilly / Hillbilly Bop & Early R&B scene to hear the cats & chicks that lead the way and help create Rock N Roll


04/25/17 – Grab Mp3 – We Blast Off this week with a special Feature on Space Songs from The 1950’s Of course it’s Filled with all The Rockin and Boppin
04/12/17 – Grab Mp3 – Time to give it up for the ladies of ROCK as we go back in time and find a few that belted out the tunes!


03/29/17 – Grab Mp3 – Get your BEACH on and Party to the Oldies as Spring Break is in FULL EFFECT
03/15/17 – Grab Mp3 – Plenty of Hidden Treasures that have been buried at the dog house so get ready To BOP BOP BOP like never before!
03/01/16 – Grab Mp3 – Let’s Race down the Road as Spring gets close clean up the AUTO and GO Cat Go


02/15/17 – Grab Mp3 – We Rock LOVE this week with some Oldies That Teach us about Huggin Lovin Kissin and of Course BOPPIN
02/01/17  – Grab Mp3 – A Rockin Boppin and ODD Rockabilly Dayz this time around!


01/18/17 – Grab Mp3 – Time To Kick Off another YEAR .. by going to the PAST !