RBDZ 2015


12/02/15 – D/L MP3 – The Dog Howl still isn’t TOO loud but the oldies Rock LIVES on!


11/18/15 – D/L MP3 – The Dog is Back HOWLIN to the Oldies from Yesterday
11/04/15 – No show due to illnesss ;(


10/28/15 – D/L MP3 – Good Time Rock n Roll but it’s also Halloween so We Mash up The Great Tunes of Both
10/14/15 – D/L MP3 – Get ready to Rock Bop Twist and Shout .This is the Oldies show to Rock you


09/30/15 – D/L MP3 – Artist you love and some That will be new to you in This Epic Blast From The Past
09/16/15 – D/L MP3 – Bringing out MORE buried Treasures from Dayz that have Past
09/02/15 – D/L MP3 – It’s back to school time & with these Oldies we Jam


08/20/15 – D/L MP3 – Sheep Dog is Boppin’ Across the US of A ROCKIN’ out to some Great Music
08/05/15 – D/L MP3 – A blast from the past as the Rockabilly R&B and Hillbilly Swing tunes are turned up


07/22/15 – D/L MP3 – A whole Mess of Hidden Treasures This WEEK
07/08/15 – D/L MP3 – Dancin, Fighting and A whole Mess of Fu


06//24/15 – D/L MP3 – Buckle Up we Are Driving this Oldie Loud and Fast
06/10/15 – D/L MP3 – It’s SUMMER TIme SUMMER time SUMMER tim


05/27/15 – D/L MP3 – Put Your Boppin Shoes On ! To dance to this one
05/13/15 – D/L MP3 – Slamming The needle down on some Great Old Tune


04/29/15 – D/L MP3 – Time to Bop once again
04/15/15 – D/L MP3 – we go to Outerspace with some Wild Rock N Roll
04/01/15 – D/L MP3 – Don’t Be a FOOL step Back in Time with these Sound


03/15/15 – D/L MP3 – Get YOUR BOOGIE on to these OLDIES
03/04/15 – D/L MP3 – Rockin It Up again as The Needle is Hot This week


02/18/15 – D/L MP3 – More Wild R n R and a Salute to Bill Haley
02/04/15 – D/L MP3 – Our Valentines Day Show …


01/21/15 – D/L MP3 – The Rock N Roll Oldies has Returned to ROCK the FUTURE 2015