HR2N 2021

April 21

04/23/21 – D/L the Mp3Txt Playlist – It’s a mixabilly week as we tune up some of the hottest Rockabilly / Psychobilly music
04/17/21 – D/L the Mp3Txt Playlist – Time to rock it JUNGLE STYLE …feel the beat!
04/10/21 – D/L the Mp3Txt Playlist – It is a high flyin’ episode of Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite as we spin some new tracks that are wild weird and wonderful
04/03/21 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – A Real Cruiser is ready to YOU

March 21

03/27/21 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist -Spring has kicked in. We have a great LINE for your beach PARTY!
03/20/21 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – From rockabilly to psychobilly and all the inbetween we’ll mix it up this week
03/13/21 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – The 500th Episode turns up the dail on the Rockabilly / Psychobilly music and drives it to your ear at 180 MPH. It’s a non stop all rock 90 minute zinger!
03/05/21 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – One big hour with a feature of current female Rockabilly & Psychobilly singers

February 21

02/27/21 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – his Rock & Roll will stroll into your SOUL as Rockabilly / Psychobilly takes hold
02/20/21 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – It’s bound to get wild as the volume get’s cranked up for some real rebel rock n’ rockabilly & psychobilly on this manic episode
02/13/21 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Valentines Day only comes once a YEAR .. and We DESTORY IT !
it’s one hour of Cheating Lying & of course Killin’ !!!!
02/06/21 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – Hail Hail Rock ‘N’ Roll. We cut loose this week with the Rockabilly & Psychobilly keeping the sounds shakin’ and wreckin’ all over the globe!

January 21

01/30/21 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – we have the #Rockabilly / #Psychobilly tunes all ready to move you & don’t miss our tribute to Buddy Holly, Richie Valens & The Big Bopper!
01/22/21 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – Our engines are all tuned up and the Rockabilly & Psychobilly music one hour of great road songs on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite
01/15/21 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – From Boppers to Rockers we hit High Gear
01/09/21 – D/L The MP3TXT Playlist – Kicking off another year with great Rockabilly / Psychobilly tunes