HR2N 2020


Mixabillys Holiday Mess – COMING SOON
12/05/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Year in REVIEW – From Covid to Riots
we Rock the balls off all the hot topics of 2020!


11/28/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – It’s going to get loud as we pump up the independent sounds
11/21/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – It’s time for some SEX DRUGS & ROCK ‘N’ ROLL .. play this one LOUD
11/14/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Blow up your speakers with a thumpin’ beat that will run in your mind long after the shows ended 
11/07/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Hot Rods, Hotties & Rock ‘N’ Roll are all on tap this week

October (includes 4 weeks of Horror)

10/24/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – 4 weeks of horror concludes with a Halloween Bash so light your Jack ‘O Lantern, get out the treats, turn up YOUR media players and prepare to STOMP
10/17/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – 4 weeks of Horror / Week 3: It’s Time for the Zombie Cast on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite. One Hour of Flesh Ripping Rock ‘N’ Roll
10/10/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Week number 2 of our Four weeks of Horror on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite goes to the movies with songs about your fav slasher / b-movie & sci fi flicks grab your popcorn for this Rocker!
10/03/20 – D/L The MP3Txt Playlist – Week 1 of 4 weeks of horror: Puttin the Sin back in Rock ‘N’ Roll With a Salute to Satan! 


09/26/20 – D/L TheMp3Txt Playlist – Let the Rock & Roll Play loud! That is what we do this week as we smash together more movers and shakers 
09/19/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Twist the top off a drink and hit the Beach with us as we have one last Summer Blow Out
09/12/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Time to Rock It Up Mixabilly Style as we let loose all kind of NEW tracks
09/05/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – We pay tribute to the Man in Black – Johnny Cash this week on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite.


08/29/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – It’s another MIXABILLY week get ready
08/22/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Let the Rockabilly/ Psychobilly wash over your soul and free your mind for a one hour Rock Therapy
08/15/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – It’s Elvis Week !
08/08/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – Time to MIX up the tunes with some great new tracks and a mess of madness that will drive us right off a cliff of Rock ‘N’ Roll insanity.
08/01/20 – D/L The Mp3Txt Playlist – 90 Minutes of Rockabilly / Psychobilly that is going to bring us all together as we feature some real wild duets


07/18/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – Creepiness in July is here. A show full of Stalkers, Murders, Crazies & of course Rock ‘N’ Roll
07/11/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – Kicking the New out of Normal & playing Rock ‘N’ Roll with that old school beat
07/04/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – We are pulling out the GRILL & the BOOZE for a July 4th Rockabilly / Psychobilly PARTY


06/27/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – Let’s tune up the Rockabilly & Psychobilly and shake the damn room
06/20/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – It’s all about the AUTOMOBILES & Rock ‘N’ Roll… ohhhhh yeah!
06/13/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – We go PRIMAL from the Cave to The Jungle Dig This BEAT BEAT BEAT!
06/03/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – It’s a Rock ‘N’ Roll adventure Turn it on Turn it Up and GO MAD!


05/30/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – Ride this WAVE of Rock & Roll as summer heats up with great Rockabilly / Psychobilly tunes that will have you Hanging 10
05/23/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – A Rip Roaring Rev’d up episode is cued up for your listening pleasure.
05/16/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – We’ll send a HOWL out in the memory of Little Richard & more tunes to shake ya, TURN IT UP!
05/09/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT –  Let’s shake it up & mix it up on this weeks episode.
05/02/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – We get Smothered in Covers Psychobilly & Rockabilly Bands show YOU their unique take on some Classic Tunes.


04/25/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – Amp’d Up Crazy Rockin’ This one gets LOUD!
04/18/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – We Rocked to Mars and Back in this Rockabilly / Psychobilly Outer Space Special
04/11/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – A jukebox full of music has just exploded with RAW #Rockabilly & #Psychobilly POWER.
04/04/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – Let’s GO PSYCHO! This play list has some of the Fastest, Loudest, Craziest #Psychobilly, #Punkabilly & Rock ‘N’ Roll that we could find


03/21/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – Time to Move, Wreck, Flip & Twist away the day with #Rockabilly & #Psychobilly music that will scream from your speakers come
03/14/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – One big hour with a feature of current female Rockabilly & Psychobilly singers.
03/07/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – Let’s GO GO GO and Rock ‘n’ Roll! As winter winds down the MUSIC HEATS up


02/29/19 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – FULL BLOWN out of control this week with ear poppin’ tunes that will make you MOVE!
02/22/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – From the Rockabilly Revival to the creation of Psychobilly we turn back the clock and JACK UP the tunes of the 80’s & 90’s
02/15/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – It’s a Rockin’ Mixabilly Week
02/08/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – The Big Un-Valentines day show!
02/01/19 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – We blow the ROOF off the joint with some Wild Ruckus Rockabilly & Psychobilly


01/25/19 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – The year of the RAT is among us … No Cheese just ROCK !
01/18/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – We are Racing down the ROAD with Nitro Fuel’d TUNES
01/11/20 – D/L The Mp3Playlist TXT – We explore the FUTURE and MELT THE CHIPS implanted in our HEADS
01/04/20 – D/L The MP3Playlist TXT – Kick it into OVERDRIVE as a NEW Year of Rockin is On Tap!