HR2N 2019

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11/30/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – This is Insaniac Rock ‘N’ Roll at it’s finest! Hitting some great tracks that will make you get off your seat and MOVE!
11/23/19 – D/L MP3TXT Playlist – Get ready to BLOW up your Headphones with Hot, Fast, Loud Rockin’ Psychobilly & Rockabilly
11/16/19 – D/L MP3TXT Playlist – Mixin’ it up from Old Skool to New Tracks of Rockabilly & Psychobilly Goodness
11/09/19 – D/L MP3TXT Playlist – An Hour of Rockabilly Hot Rod Tunes & Wild Psychobilly Cadillac Wreckers
11/02/19 – D/L MP3TXT Playlist – Mixabilly in FULL effect with tons of NEW Rockers on the Playlist


10/26/19 – D/L MP3TXT Playlist – This is Halloween we cast a spell with all types of Monster Rock!
10/19/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – Lock YOUR DOORS and Protect YOUR BRAIN !!! It’s Time for the Zombie Cast!
10/12/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – 90 Mins of Rockin’ with Guest Frantic Vermin,  also songs about Creepers Killers and PURE Crazies! 

10/05/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – We Salute SATAN to kick off the MONTH of Horror!


09/28/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist  – Rockabilly & Psychobilly Bands Go To The Movies!
09/21/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – Let’s shake it up Mixabilly style with some great new Rockabilly & Psychobilly
09/14/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – Let’s all STORM AREA 51 with Rockabilly & Psychobilly SOUNDS! 
09/07/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – It’s time to Walk the Line, Straight into the Ring of Fire help us pay tribute to the Man in Black – Johnny Cash


08/24/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – Get ready to have a moment of ZEN as we feature a 1/2 hour of wild instrumentals that will rock your mind as you escape to another realm!
08/17/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – We are blasting out the tunes this week. That SHAKE’ the roof & Quake our Floors! It’s a MIXABILLY week
08/10/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – We Celebrate the KING with Covers & Tributes by Great Rockabilly & Psychobilly Artist
0803/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – We are Rockin’ up a storm this week with TONS of NEW Rockabilly & Psychobilly tunes that will have you shakin’


07/27/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – It’s TIME to Party as Sheep Dogs Birthday is NEAR crank it and HOWL!
07/20/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – Creep-Mas in July is here. A show full of Stalkers, Murders, Cannibals & of course Rock ‘N’ Roll
07/13/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – A mess of Rockabilly & Psychobilly hit the play list this week from Old Favorites to new tunes
07/06/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist -Let’s Rock …and Roll it up, with EPISODE 420. We’ll get  high with a wild mix of Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Booze & Drugs!

June 2019

06/2919 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – Pure Chaos has BROKE OUT in true Rock ‘N’ Roll STYLE. Rippin Guitars, Poundin’ Slap Bass, Earth Moving Drum Beats
06/22/19 –D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – Time to get Down To The Sounds of Rockabilly & Psychobilly music as more NEW music POURS into the Dog House
06/15/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – Hot Rods,  Bad Girls & Rock ‘n’ Roll is the break down for this weeks Wild Rockabilly / Psychobilly Mix
06/08/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – The Surf is up and Summer is on so Crank this weeks Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite
06/01/19 – D/L Mp3TXT Playlist – Time to GO PSYCHO and WRECK THIS HOUSE

May 2019

05/25/19 – D/L Mp3 – We go FULL FORCE ROCKABILLY with new releases that really BOP
05/18/19 – D/L Mp3 – Time for Rebel Rock @ it’s finest. Get Ready
to PARTY, Rock, Wreck & Bop
05/11/19 – D/L Mp3 – Get Ready To Rock with with TONS of New #Rockabilly & Psychobilly as 99% of this show is Tunes we haven’t ever SPUN
05/04/19 – D/L Mp3 – We’re going to get SMOTHERED in COVERS this
week as the Psychos and Rockabilly cats take on some Classic Tunes

April 2019

04/27/19 – D/L Mp3 – Hot Rod’s Motor Bikes & Rock ‘N’ Roll Rev’ it up for this road trip Episode
04/20/19 – D/L Mp3 – Rock ‘N’ Roll blast off to OUTER SPACE !!!
04/13/19 – D/L Mp3 – A little REBELLION is good for all of us & it’s been great for Rock ‘N’ Roll. So get ready to JUMP AROUND & loose control
04/06/19 – D/L Mp3 – So much new MUSIC we Continue with The blender effect & MIX it all together!

March 2019

03/30/19 – D/L Mp3 – It’s a MIXABILLY week with some great NEW tracks from Rockabilly & Psychobilly bands
03/23/19 – D/L Mp3 – Watch your SPEAKERS explode as we tune up Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll 
03/16/19 – D/L MP3 – Fast cars and Loud Guitars! REV’ it up & make the RUMBLE seat really bump! 
03/09/19 – D/L Mp3 – One big hour with a feature of current female Rockabilly & Psychobilly singers
03/02/19 – D/L Mp3 – Let’s GET MENTAL! A full hour of Rubber Room Rockabilly & Mind Melting Psychobilly fills the play list 

February 2019

02/23/19 – D/L Mp3 – A 90 minute Blow out as we are joined by wild rockers Drew & The Blue
02/16/19 – D/L mp3 – It’s our 400th Episode and we throw a BIG PARTY with that Great Rockabilly / Psychobilly music
02/09/19 – D/L mp3 – The Unvalentines Day Show …playing all the songs for the one you HATE!!!
02/02/19 – D/L mp3 – HOT HOT HOT ROCK to warn up from a FREEZE that affected the mid-west USA and Canada

January 2019

01/26/19 – D/L mp3 – It’s a Wild week with TONS of NEW tunes to the show along with classic ROCKERS that can’t be BEAT
01/19/19 – D/L mp3 – We HOWL to the BLOOD MOON as this episode will bring out the WOLF in all of us
01/12/18 – D/L mp3 –  We Mix it up and Rock it loud get your Hot Rod ready as the show is on a ROLL!!!
01/05/18 – D/L mp3 – Our Big Salute To Hank Williams Sr. and A LOT of ROCK in a 90 minute Start of the year Special