HR2N 2023


05/13/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Mothers Day is shakin’ this weekend in America and we take on the subject of motherhood
05/06/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Rock ‘n’ Roll Goes to Outer Space!!! This week we Feature some of those Crazy Songs about UFO & Aliens so join us on This Rocket Ride Through the Stars


04/29/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – We bounce off the walls for a 90 Minute special as we reached 600+ episodes of playing that great rockabilly / psychobilly/ punk garage rock & roll madness that your mother warned you about
04/21/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – As Sheep Dog heads to Dixieland in Alabama the music keeps turning and burning in that loud Rockabilly / Psychobilly way
04/15/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – We influse the Blues with the Crazy Rockabilly /Psychobilly sounds as we jam it out for one full hour of greatness
04/08/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – We break some bottles jump on the motorbike and have a good time!
04/01/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L playlist – After March Madness you get SPRING INSANITY and we offer your ear drums a mix of that, from rockabilly and psychobilly music that will dement your soul for a FULL month so turn it up and turn it on


03/26/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Spring Break is in Full Effect so let’s amp it up with some dancin’ beachin’and of course Rock ‘N’ Freakin’ Roll. No bathing suit Required
03/11/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – We tip our hat to The Irish for Saint Patricks with Booze and Oi then hit the Rockabilly and Psychobilly hard enuff to make your WHEELS fall off
03/04/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – The rockin’ boppin’ and wreckin’ go into full effect as we have a mixabilly week with some great new tracks


02/25/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Swing from Tree to Tree as the THUMP of the Jungle Drum shakes
the Leaves. The sounds are louder then a TIGERS ROAR with savage rockabilly and psychobilly beats .
02/18/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Our minds are gone the balloons are flyin’ and the rockabilly & psychobilly is a flowing to your brain as we transmit these wild tunes around the globe
02/11/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Valentines Day only comes once a YEAR & We DESTORY IT!
It’s one hour of Cheating Lying & of course Killin’
02/04/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Let’s Rock & Roll, Bop, Stroll and WRECK the room with those Rockabilly/Psychobilly sounds on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite. We’ll also pay tribute to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & The Big Bopper!


01-28-23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Things are about to get LOUD as we have some real drivin’ heavy Psychobilly and Cranked up rockabilly in this chaotic episode
01-21-23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Time to play that damn Rock & Roll that makes you move and makes you shake as the Sheep Dog heads down to the DEEP south for a Rockabilly PARTY
01-14-23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Rock ‘N’ Roll lives on & as we play thes wild Rockabilly and Psychobilly tunes to the MAX , we also find time to SALUTE Jeff Beck for all he gave to all aspects of rock and roll & R&B
01-07-23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Ready to ROCK for the first time in 2023. It’s a non-stop bop,