HR2N 2023


12/30/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – End of the Year let’s PARTY to 2024
12/23/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Is it a CONSPIRACY… as the future draws near we Rock Out with Rockabilly & Psychobilly that will give us the answers
12/16/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Time to Blast out those crazy holiday beats on Mixabillys Big old Holiday Mess
12/09/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Boppin’ Shakin’ Shoutin and Growlin’ heating up a cold winter night on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite
12/02/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – In our continued mission NOT to let the rock ‘n’ roll DIE we Slam the soundboard into overdrive with the loudest rockabilly/psychobilly sounds from all over the world


11/25/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – It’s Time for the Zombie Cast on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite. One Hour of Flesh Ripping Rock ‘N’ Roll, so Lock YOUR DOORS & Protect YOUR BRAIN !!!
11/18/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – We have the NEW the Old and the slightly demented #Rockabilly & #Psychobilly all lined up to shake your MIND
11/11/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Sheep Dog returns to spin the tunes and give us Tales about the Tampa, Florida Jail … this is a BANGER!


“The Sheep Dog got his ass LOCKED UP all shows had to be canceled till his return !”


09/30/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Closing out the month with a bangin’ wreckin’ boppin mixabilly mess as we slam together some great Rockabilly & Psychobilly just for you
09/23/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – The Sheep Dog crawled out of the couch from a cold/flu to bring you some SICKO rockabilly / psychobilly music so please tune it up
09/15/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – This is time to fill the playlist with those mixabilly sounds that shake the ground from rockabilly to psychobilly and much much more … let’s go wild
09/09/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – It’s balls to the wall mental PSYCHO music for you all. One full hour of that Psychobilly Music on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite!
09/02/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Last trip and twist PARTY is here as we send off Summer it’s Rock & Roll doo wop and of course Rockabilly and Psychobilly


08/26/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Get ready ti have a GOOOD TIME on this weeks Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite as we’ve packed it full of boppers , cruisers and songs about strippers? Yes we are doing that tune in
08/19/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Time to get PUNCHED in the head with some great rockabilly/psychobilly music as we have some rumblin’ songs along with lovin and of course boppin
08/12/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Time to Remember The KING of Rock Elvis Presley
through Rockabilly Psychobilly Punk and Hillbilly Artist whom take a turn at shaking a LEG and Belting out the TUNES
08/05/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Every now and then you need to go PSYCHO and that is what the Sheep Dog brings you this week as he Howls and Wrecks through one Hour of GREAT psychobilly music


07/29/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – This week Friends Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite blows the doors off the hinges as Sheep Dog kicks off his Birthday Day and we get a CALL from the one and only group BAT HEARSE … it’s 90 minuets of Rock & Roll Craziness!
07/22/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Are you ready to dance and slam around .. if so you better turn this up and get into the underground of the rockabilly / psychobilly sounds
07/15/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Time to blow it up with those Rockabilly/Psychobilly sounds that will pound you into the ground from boppers to wreckers to pure madness
07/08/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Let’s go down to the FARM get HIGH on the tunes and crank out those tunes Sheep Dog Style
07/01/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Let’s keep a Howlin’ through americas independenced day with great brockabilly/ psychobily music that will have a big Red White and Blue BOOM


06/24/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Let’s go Mental and break off some MADNESS in Rockabilly / Psychobilly style get ready to open your BRAIN and Shake it all around
06/17/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Get SMOTHERED in COVERS this week as the Psychobilly & Rockabilly Bands show YOU their unique take on some Classic Tunes the choices are unpredictable intriguing and off the hook
06/10/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Time to ROCK and Roll again witn an all new mixabilly week as the Rockabilly/Psychobilly blows out the sound on your speakers and leaves you shakin’
06/03/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – The unoffical start of SUMMER is here and we kick it off with some great summer rockabilly/psychobilly songs


05/27/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Another great Mixabilly week with some amp’d up Rockabilly & Psychobilly tracks new and old fill this playlist
05/20/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – It’s time to start a party with boppin’ and wreckin’ and all around good times as we mix up the music that will blow your mind
05/13/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Mothers Day is shakin’ this weekend in America and we take on the subject of motherhood
05/06/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Rock ‘n’ Roll Goes to Outer Space!!! This week we Feature some of those Crazy Songs about UFO & Aliens so join us on This Rocket Ride Through the Stars


04/29/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – We bounce off the walls for a 90 Minute special as we reached 600+ episodes of playing that great rockabilly / psychobilly/ punk garage rock & roll madness that your mother warned you about
04/21/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – As Sheep Dog heads to Dixieland in Alabama the music keeps turning and burning in that loud Rockabilly / Psychobilly way
04/15/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – We influse the Blues with the Crazy Rockabilly /Psychobilly sounds as we jam it out for one full hour of greatness
04/08/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – We break some bottles jump on the motorbike and have a good time!
04/01/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L playlist – After March Madness you get SPRING INSANITY and we offer your ear drums a mix of that, from rockabilly and psychobilly music that will dement your soul for a FULL month so turn it up and turn it on


03/26/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Spring Break is in Full Effect so let’s amp it up with some dancin’ beachin’and of course Rock ‘N’ Freakin’ Roll. No bathing suit Required
03/18/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Let’s kick some ass with the Rockin’ Ladies of Rockabilly & Psychobilly music! As they tear through your soul with rock & roll for one full hour
03/11/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – We tip our hat to The Irish for Saint Patricks with Booze and Oi then hit the Rockabilly and Psychobilly hard enuff to make your WHEELS fall off
03/04/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – The rockin’ boppin’ and wreckin’ go into full effect as we have a mixabilly week with some great new tracks


02/25/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Swing from Tree to Tree as the THUMP of the Jungle Drum shakes
the Leaves. The sounds are louder then a TIGERS ROAR with savage rockabilly and psychobilly beats .
02/18/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Our minds are gone the balloons are flyin’ and the rockabilly & psychobilly is a flowing to your brain as we transmit these wild tunes around the globe
02/11/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Valentines Day only comes once a YEAR & We DESTORY IT!
It’s one hour of Cheating Lying & of course Killin’
02/04/23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Let’s Rock & Roll, Bop, Stroll and WRECK the room with those Rockabilly/Psychobilly sounds on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite. We’ll also pay tribute to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & The Big Bopper!


01-28-23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Things are about to get LOUD as we have some real drivin’ heavy Psychobilly and Cranked up rockabilly in this chaotic episode
01-21-23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Time to play that damn Rock & Roll that makes you move and makes you shake as the Sheep Dog heads down to the DEEP south for a Rockabilly PARTY
01-14-23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Rock ‘N’ Roll lives on & as we play thes wild Rockabilly and Psychobilly tunes to the MAX , we also find time to SALUTE Jeff Beck for all he gave to all aspects of rock and roll & R&B
01-07-23 – D/L The Mp3D/L Playlist – Ready to ROCK for the first time in 2023. It’s a non-stop bop,