HR2N 2019

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March 2019

03/09/19 – D/L Mp3 – One big hour with a feature of current female Rockabilly & Psychobilly singers
03/02/19 – D/L Mp3 – Let’s GET MENTAL! A full hour of Rubber Room Rockabilly & Mind Melting Psychobilly fills the play list 

February 2019

02/23/19 – D/L Mp3 – A 90 minute Blow out as we are joined by wild rockers Drew & The Blue
02/16/19 – D/L mp3 – It’s our 400th Episode and we throw a BIG PARTY with that Great Rockabilly / Psychobilly music
02/09/19 – D/L mp3 – The Unvalentines Day Show …playing all the songs for the one you HATE!!!
02/02/19 – D/L mp3 – HOT HOT HOT ROCK to warn up from a FREEZE that affected the mid-west USA and Canada

January 2019

01/26/19 – D/L mp3 – It’s a Wild week with TONS of NEW tunes to the show along with classic ROCKERS that can’t be BEAT
01/19/19 – D/L mp3 – We HOWL to the BLOOD MOON as this episode will bring out the WOLF in all of us
01/12/18 – D/L mp3 –  We Mix it up and Rock it loud get your Hot Rod ready as the show is on a ROLL!!!
01/05/18 – D/L mp3 – Our Big Salute To Hank Williams Sr. and A LOT of ROCK in a 90 minute Start of the year Special