Interview Drew & The Blue

DIY Rock ‘N’ Roll out of Reading, PA. Drew & The Blue have exploded on the scene with a 6 track ep “Surfin On A Surf Board” with throw back sounds that would remind you of The Cramps or The Trashmen. Pure Fun Rock ‘N’ Roll for any party. The interview talks about influences, recording … Read moreInterview Drew & The Blue

Interview With The Troubled

Ukrainian Psychobilly Band The Troubled Join Rebel Heather Heat From The Road to talk all about the Psycho Scene and their NEW RELEASE “Spacing Away” Get the NEW CD Spacing Away Right Here Join The Troubled on Face Book

Interview with Wanton 

Finnish Band  Wanton joins The Sheep Dog Via Skype to talk about the CRAZY PUNKABILLY music they make who inspired them and the NEW RELEASE Harmageddon Get-Together songs include Drunkabilly Stomp, Censor This, Bump in The Night Get the NEW CD   “Harmageddon Get-Together” Join Wanton on FaceBook

Interview With Punch Drunk Cabaret

Randy B. of Punch Drunk Cabaret call in to talk about the Music Scene The New CD Electric Steam Show & HOWL with the Dog about a Whole lot More Song Included : Hightest Hellraisin’ Hook Up With Punch Drunk Cabaret

Interview With The Boston Rats

The Boston Rats,  From the U.K. put out their first Studio album This Ain’t Rock N Roll . So why not CALL the DOG the interview is Full of Info Fun & Rock N Roll . Includes The Songs : I Never Knew & F.O.G Hook Up With The Boston Rats

Interview with Liv Decay ( Raizing Hell) 

From Romania Liv Decay of this Great Horror Punk / Psycho Band give us a call to talk about the scene The band & The FUTURE of Raizing Hell . This interview is Fantastic ! Songs Include ; Rock N Roll for The Dead & Terror Televison Hook Up With RAIZING HELL HERE

Interview With Chuck De Ville (Rockin ‘ Tomcats )

Chuck De Ville takes a Break from his Busy PSYCHO LIFE To call the Dog and Discuss The German Psycho Scene The Rockin’ Tomcats and a NEW PROJECT he has been working on ! Song Included – Rockin’ Tomcats – Breakout hook up with The Rockin’ Tomcats

Interview With The Rock’N Rebels

The Rock’N Rebels : Phil Howe Calls the Dog and explains how The Band became PUNKABILLY on the far east coast of Canada his views on The Scene The Growth of Billy Music and Much More songs include – Dooomsday Rising , Psychomania Hook Up With The Rock’N Rebels

InterView With The Von Rebels 

The Von Rebels : Rock N Rollin from Canada and Kicking Down Doors these cats Know how to play it and tell us about the sound The Brand NEW EP the Life and More Song Included is BAD REPUTATION Hook Up With The Von Rebels

Interview With Thirteen Shots – 2 Years Later 

Thirteen Shots were all on Board for this interview and even let us PLAY the WORLD PREMIER of the NEW SINGLE ” AMERICAN SWEETHEART ” you have got to listen to the good rowdy fun we had Songs Include Nekro Sexual & American Sweetheart Hook UP With Thirteen Shots