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10/07/19 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – The Hellbilly Express makes it’s darkest stop yet (of 2019) as the WITCHING hour is among us. Hear the SCREAMS of Real Roots Country Music 


09/02/19 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – The Hellbilly Express runs down the line this week with all SETS inspired by the Legend that is Johnny Cash!


08/05/19 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – Time to pick yourself up with some of that ROOTS Hillbilly, Bluegrass & Outlaw music that FIRES our Trains engine 


07/01/19 – D/L The Mp3 – TXT Playlist – Giving it up for the Good Ol’ USA on the this All American Bash



06/03/19 – D/L The Mp3TXT Playlist – Tunes about Outlaws, Rebels & Good Ol’ Hell Raisers  grab a bottle turn it loud


 05/06/19 – D/L the Mp3 – With Mothers Day close at Hand we play all the right and wrong Mama Hillbilly /Bluegrass & Outlaw tunes turn it up and enjoy


04/01/19 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to give it up for the WORKING CLASS !!!


03/04/19 – D/L The MP3 – Get ready to kick it Cajun Style where the food is SPICY & The Music is HOT HOT HOT !!!!


02/04/19 – D/L The MP3 – Get ready for some LOVIN’ Hillbilly Style as we roll down the tracks pre-Valentines Day


01/07/19 – D/L The MP3 – Time to get our HANK WILLIAMS on as we KICK OFF THE YEAR ready to fill the airwaves with Good Ol’ Hillbilly Hellbilly Bluegrass & Outlaw Tunes

October 2018

10/01/18 – D/L The MP3 – This month on the Hellbilly Express the Train is headed straight to HELL with the Devil riding shotgun

September 2018

09/03/18 – D/L The MP3This month we pay tribute to Johnny Cash. So hop on the train and remember the great Man in Black with us!

August 2018

August We Missed the train ……

July 2018

07/30/18 – D/L The MP3Whiskey, Weed, and the full moon – plus an ode to Elvis

June 2018

07/02/18 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s all about America as we gear up to celebrate our Independence day!

May 2018

05/28/18 – D/L The MP3Hop on board the train! Let’s get crazy on a Friday night to we can be saved on Sunday.

April 2018

04/30/18 – D/L The MP3We lift our glasses to Merle Haggard and chase each other around the room

March 2018

 04/02/18 – D/L The MP3 – .Jail, Outlaws, and Mama… and there’s no turning back!

February 2018

02/26/18 – D/L The MP3Back in the saddle after a LONG break – but we are Ramblin’ on!

It was a SHORT year for the HELLBILLY EXPRESS but we were just rebuilding the ENGINE for a GREAT 2018


July 2017

07/31/17 – D/L The MP3 –  Older Humorous Country Classics on The Hellbilly Express. We also Jam Out the Big TUNES of today’s Roots Country

June 2017

06/26/17 – D/L The MP3 – Time to Celebrate America as we gear up for Independence Day

May 2017

05/29/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Get ready for a HONKY TONKIN’ Ride on the train this month

April 2017

04/24/17 – D/L The MP3 – Let’s give it up for the Ladies of Country
and Hillbilly Music

March 2017

03/27/17 – D/L The MP3 – The coal keeps the ENGINE running and the MUSIC will keep you Kickin

February 2017

02/27/17 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s a Show for the Workin’ Man So Get ready to Chug a BREW and HEAR those REAL ROOTS COUNTRY

January 2017

01/30/16 – D/L The Mp3 – The Bad Ass Hellbilly train is back to get 2017 really KICKIN’ We have a tribute for the Man who was Country First MEGA STAR Hank Williams

November 2016

12/07/16 – D/L The Mp3 – This show got posted late and the Sheep Dog Joins Rebel Heat to tell you why & spin some tunes

October 2016

10/31/16 – D/L The Mp3 – Get Pulled into the darkness this month as the train calls up the DEVIL

September 2016

09/26/16 – D/L The Mp3 – This is one WILD ride you won’t want to miss From Cowboys to Druggin

August 2016

08/29/16 – D/L The Mp3 – Rebel Heather Heat takes over the Conductors Job to spin great Roots Country Outlaw Honky Tonk and Bluegrass that powers the Loudest Train on the internet

July 2016

07/25/16 – D/L The Mp3 – Git Ready for a Hillbilly Party !

June 2016

06/27/16 – D/L The Mp3 – Hear The train Whistle BLOW out some great Hillbilly Music from the artist whom keep it real and raw

May 2016

05/30/16 – D/L The Mp3 – Dust off your hat, Slip on your BOOTS and have a shot or 2 as you Board The Train

April 2016

4/25/16 – D/L The Mp3 – We Remember Merle Haggard and play some of his tunes that we will remember for a lifetime

March 2016

03/28/16 – D/L The Mp3 – Kick up the Hellbilly with those Bluesy Outlaw Sounds of The Country.

February 2016

02/29/16 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to Jump On The Train That Brings you Back to the Roots

January 2016

01/31/16 – D/L The Mp3 – From The classics to the NEW Hillbilly Outlaw and Bluegrass This Music fills our big train

November 2015

11/30/15 – D/L The Mp3 – The Train Pulls in for the last time in of 2015 blowing up real kick ASS Honky Tonk bar room brawlin Country tunes !!!!!

October 2015

10/26/15 – D/L The Mp3 – The train gets a little EVIL this month as Halloween is close and we Look at some of those Darker Country songs that send Chills down the spine

September 2015

09/28/15 – D/L The Mp3 – Grab your boots and your Drinks and get ready for The Hellbilly Express

August 2015

08/31/15 – D/L The Mp3 – The Hellbilly Express chuggin Down the LINe with that GREAT Country Music that is ROOTS

June 2015

06/29/15 – D/L The Mp3 – Salute the music from that started in DIXIE Bluegrass, Outlaw, Hillbilly and More !

May 2015

05/31/15 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to jump on the Honky Tonk Train know as The Hellbilly Express ready to blow YOUR mind

April 2015

04/27/15 – D/L The Mp3 – Hitting Home with REAL Life Real Roots Music that Ya’ll will be ale to relate to

March 2015

03/30/15 – D/L The Mp3 – Look out for a some Outlaw and Southern Rock Tunes this month

February 2015

02/23/15 – D/L The Mp3
Get your BOOTS on as We take Country Back to the Roots

January 2015

01/26/15 –D/L The Mp3
The Train IS BACK after a long Break

November 2014

11/30/14 –  Mp3 D/L -Ending the YEAR on a HIGH note as The Train is AMP’d up and Ready to KIck It

October 2014

10/26/14 -Mp3 D/L – A little Creepy Country for Halloween but also the Roots You Love !

September 2014

09/27/14 –  Mp3 D/L -From Drinking to Living this is Country !

August 2014

08/31/14 –  Mp3 D/L -News about Hank Sr Movie , Uncensored Country Pick Up Trucks and MORE

July 2014

07/27/14- Mp3 D/L – More NEW Roots and Outlaw Music to FEED the REAL COUNTRY CRAVING

June 2014

06/29/14 – Mp3 D/L -The Train is Moving along with Great songs and Now News From The Caboose !!!!!

May 2014

05/24/14- Mp3 D/L -We go Back To Our ROOTS 

April 2014

04/27/14 – Mp3 D/L – The Rebel Heather Heat Steps in and ROCKS US 

March 2014

03/30/14 – Mp3 D/L – Get your Hellbilly On !!!!

February 2014

02/24/14 – Mp3 D/L – Get ready to give it up for the TRUCKERS

January 2014

01/26/14 –  Mp3 D/L  – The Train is back and Ready To Roll
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