What’s Shakin’

Our New Show What’s Shakin’ is a 1/2 Hour Production that will Stream on Mixabilly Radio every Weds at Noon & 3 Pm EST  . It takes a look at New Releases, Up coming Lps & rare Gems of the current Rockabilly, Psychobilly Hillbilly & Hellbilly Scene

The show is also available on demand for only $2.99 by joining us on Mixcloud Select.  

What’s Shakin – Ep 002 – 07/10/19

This Week (07/10/19) on What’s Shakin’ We Feature
Shame On Me M.T.S.P. / Trash Bats / Chris Rolling Squad and more

Shame On Me M.T.S.P. – https://shameonmemtsp.bandcamp.com/
Trash Bats – https://trashbats.bandcamp.com/
THE MONSTROSITIES – https://themonstrositiespsycho.bandcamp.com/
Tin Can Screamers – https://tincanscreamers.bandcamp.com/releases
Chris Rolling Squad – https://chrisrolling.bandcamp.com/album/spitfire

Whats Shakin’ – Ep 001  – 06/23/19

our first show or Preview Episode covers
The Troubled / Diablo Records UK / Bat! and more

The Troubled  – https://thetroubledpsycho.bandcamp.com/
Diablo Records – diablo records
Greasy Gills – https://thegreasygills.bandcamp.com/album/the-spring-collection-ep
Bat! – https://batofficialband.bandcamp.com/album/bat-music-for-bat-people
The Rapids – https://spikeneil.bandcamp.com/album/rapids-the-demos-1983-84

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