What’s Shakin’ 019 – 06/17/20

Time to ROCK it UP again! This time we go from mellow to out of control with great tunes by The Ed Woods, Wankats, Nick Lowe and many others

Full Play List and Links to Awesome Bands

Shakin Intro
Philip Daryl Emond – You Can’t Catch Me
Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets – Shting-Shtang
Jake La Botz – They’re Coming for Me
The Edwoods – Go Away!
The Wankats – Move me – Démo
16 Gunslingers – Be Bop a Lula

2 thoughts on “What’s Shakin’ 019 – 06/17/20

  1. Wow, thanks for finding my Rock N Roll Lunchbox! Had a great time making this lil BBQ party, but not many people showed up…so thanks again…Philip

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