HR2N 2018

December 2018

12/09/2018 – D/L The Mp3 – Sheep Dog HOWLS through the end of The YEAR with our DOOMSDAY Special Get Ready !!!!
12/01/2018 – D/L The Mp3 – Winding down the year so we are going to recap some song exclusively from 2018

November 2018

11/24/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This week we search for love, look around, smoke a little, and and look at the many combinations with sex
11/17/18 – D/L The Mp3 – We pay tribute to the late, great Roy Clark as well as Elvis in light of this newest accomplishment (from the grave!)
11/10/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This is a rocking Mixabilly week with Hot Rods, Living Fast, and Revenge
11/03/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This week we go Mixabilly with a mix of those great Rockabilly and Psychobilly sounds you’ve come here for

October 2018

10/26/18 – D/L The Mp3 – THE Halloween BASH you all been waiting FOR !!!!!
10/20/18 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s our annual Zombie cast here on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite
10/13/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This week we get Obsessed and might go on a killing spree
10/06/18 – D/L The Mp3 – We pay tribute to SATAN and take a ride to HELL. Hit play and get ready to sweat and rock

September 2018

09/29/18 – D/L The Mp3 – We are going PSYCHO this week with a 90 Minute special INCLUDING an interview with The Troubled
09/22/18 – D/L The Mp3 – We are going to the movies and getting a little creepy to welcome Autumn in the Northern hemisphere.
09/15/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Its a Mixabilly week here on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite. A little bit of it all
09/08/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Turn up your speakers and help us pay tribute to the Man in Black – Johnny Cash
09/01/18 – D/L The Mp3 – On Hot Roddin’ 2+ Nite we send out summer with a party

August 2018

08/25/18 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s a Mixabilly week with a TON of new music
08/18/18 – D/L The Mp3 – A little Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Soul… yes even some Soul in remembrance of the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin
08/11/18 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s ELVIS week on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite
08/04/18 – D/L The Mp3 – We are SICK and TIRED of life sometimes – but not of the ROCK ‘N’ ROLL! So Dance with us

July 2018

07/28/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Mixabilly Birthday Bash! Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite
07/21/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Join us for another amped up Mixabilly week
07/14/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This week we start fast and finish fast – Prepare to go PSYCHO
07/07/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This week on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite Sex, Wine, and Fast Cars… oh and a little time behind bars

June 2018

6/30/18 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s almost Independence day today and we are celebrating AMERICA
6/23/18 – D/L The Mp3 – This week on Hot Roddin’ 2+ Nite we talk food (bacon and frog legs anyone?) and torture… they go together right?
6/16/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Get those ASSES shaking with us this week on Hit Roddin’ 2+ Nite
6/09/18 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s a Rockabilly type of week and we have it all, BOOZE, WOMEN, FAST CARS, and DANCING
6/02/18 – D/L The Mp3 – The Surf is up and Summer is on so Crank this weeks Hot Roddin’ 2+Night

May 2018

5/26/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Join The Craziness and Live the Madness … psycho style!!!!!!
5/19/18 – D/L The Mp3 – High Octane Rock ‘N’ Roll is BLOWING up this week
5/12/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Rock n Roll Goes to Outer Space !!!
5/05/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Get ready to be blown away and wrecked as the Rockabilly / Psychobilly Tunes Blast from the SPEAKERS.

April 2018

04/28/18 – D/L The Mp3 – We get SMOTHERED in COVERS this week
04/21/18 – D/L The Mp3 – wreck it on down with the bass slappin’ and guitars leaving your ears ringing
04/14/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Join us this week on an adventure of full of Chaos, Darkness, Insanity & Rock ‘N’ Roll as these Ultra Twisted tunes
04/07/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to Get Loud as we Blow UP The Radio with smashing TUNES some new some old but all 100% Rock

March 2018

03/31/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Spring Break is in Full Effect so Let’s Party it up with some SEX DRUGS BOOZIN
03/24/18 – D/L The Mp3 – The Sheep Dog returns To HOWL through the TUNES. Great NEW tracks this week will shake YOUR speakers
03/17/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Woman That Rock with Guest Host The Rebel Heather Heat
03/10/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Rockabilly & Psychobilly craziness that will have you stompin’ all over the dance floor!
03/03/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Swing from Tree to Tree as the THUMP of the Jungle Drum shakes the leaves

February 2018

02/24/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to Mix it up again with Rockabilly & Psychobilly Music from around the world
02/17/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Let’s give it up for The Year of The Dog … Howl with these real flea bitten shakers
02/10/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Our Big Un-Valentines Day Broadcast … feel the Hate
02/03/18 – D/L The Mp3 – From Rockabilly Psychobilly and some soul we pack on the HEAT in this episode

January 2018

01/27/18 – D/L The Mp3 – We Mix it up from Boppin to Wreckin like no other
01/20/18 – D/L The Mp3 – When Rock ‘N’ Roll goes INSANE it sounds like THIS!
01/13/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Mix-A-Billy Music in FULL Effect .. & Amp’d Up !
01/06/18 – D/L The Mp3 – Our kick off to 2018 / We Are Ready To Rock.