HR2N 2017

December 2017

12/02/17 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s DOOMSDAY for Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite we end the Year … with Destruction.. let’s hope to make it back in 2018

November 2017

11/25/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to rock it Mixabilly Style bringing you the latest Hot Tracks from Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Punkabilly Bands
11/18/17 – D/L The Mp3 – A Mixabilly Rock Revolution
11/11/17 – D/L The Mp3 – We Go Psycho Once again
11/04/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Pulling out The Best in Today’s Rockabilly and Shaking around

October 2017

10/28/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Time For HALLOWEEN !!!!!
10/21/17 – D/L The Mp3 – The ZOMBIES are loose in our Annual Zombie Cast hide your BRAINS!!!!
10/14/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to Celebrate those Horror/Sci-Fi and B-Movies
10/07/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Our Tribute to SATAN .. as we Dance with the Devil for one full shakin’ hour

September 2017

09/30/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Old, New and ALL Rockin Tunes invade the sound board on this weeks Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite!
09/23/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Take a few Laps in your Rod. with some PURE Rock ‘N’ Roll ! The music is V8 Rumblin’ and all Gas’d up get ready you Rockers
09/16/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Ready to amp it up and have fun then go for this show ROCK and FUN right here
09/09/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Get some Johnny Cash like you have NEVER heard it Before as we Tear down the WALLS and Amp it up to pay Tribute to THE MAN IN BLACK
09/02/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to Wreck It and Roll it with this ASS KICKING amp’d up Rocker this Psycho Hour is filled with wild tracks

August 2017

08/26/17 – D/L The Mp3 – In Honor of Rockabilly Giant Sonny Burgess we keep the whole Show amp’d with Great Rockabilly music that is shakin’ the ground today
08/19/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Hammer it down and hit the GEARS as we salute Those Big Rig Truckers who RULE the interstate
08/12/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to Remember The KING of Rock Elvis Presley through Rockabilly Psychobilly Punk and Hillbilly Artist
08/05/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Amped up Rock as we have a wild ride through one mad hour with great Rockabilly and Psychobilly Music

July 2017

07/29/17 – D/L The Mp3 – It was a Sinners Birthday bash full of Sex Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll
07/22/17 – D/L The Mp3 – A Mixabilly week with a Tribute to George A Romero .. this one gets way out of control
07/15/17 – D/L The Mp3 – The Rockabilly & Neo Rockabilly hit hard this week as we play the sound that JUST WON”T DIE
07/08/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Taking the music back to the REAL BASICS. Cave Man, Jungle Beat sounds that will blow you away
07/01/17 – D/L The Mp3 – For Independence Day and Canada Day we feature artist from America and Canada that keep these sounds ALIVE

June 2017

06/24/17 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s a Frat Party as we add some Fuzz To The Rockabilly / Psychobilly Sound
06/17/17 – D/L The Mp3 – How about some Rock ‘N’ Roll that will lift your soul.
06/10/17 – D/L The Mp3 – We get Loud Crazy and Out of Control as we PUMP up that PSYCHOBILLY MUSIC
06/03/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Summer is right around the corner and people are Rockin’ all over and enjoying the sunshine so we Put a Party on

May 2017

05/27/17 – D/L The Mp3 – The Sheep Dog Howls through a playlist that will Rock you
05/20/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Time to get Smothered in COVERS. TURN THIS ONE UP!
05/13/17 – D/L The Mp3 – New Tunes all in on a Mixabilly Week
05/06/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Turn it up and Race down the road with Great Rockin

April 2017

04/29/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Rock ‘N’ Roll Goes To OUTER SPACE
04/22/17 – D/L The Mp3 – It’s a Mixabilly Party full of SIN & Rockin
04/15/17 – D/L The Mp3 – The Ladies THAT ROCK that crazy Rockabilly & Psychobilly sound  !!!!!
04/08/17 – D/L The Mp3 – We got The CYCLE out and Rip down the Road the SPRING
04/01/17 – D/L The Mp3 – 90 Mins of CRAZY Rock as we are Joined by Special Guest WANTON

March 2017

03/25/17 – D/L The Mp3 – A Tribute to the Father of Rock ‘N’ Roll Chuck Berry
03/18/17 – D/L The Mp3 – We Kick the Rockabilly and Psychobilly into an OLD SCHOOL FRENZY !!!!
03/11/17 – D/L The Mp3 – A Bit of the Irish Luck and Drinking for Saint Patty’s Day
03/04/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Ready to Mix it up Big Time .. With Boppers , Broken Hearts Madness and MORE

February 2017

02/25/17 – D/L The Mp3 – This episode is sure a Fun one that won’t only make you Smile but leave your TOES tapping long after the program ends
02/18/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Alright… Time to Kick it Up and ROCK Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite slams together the best
02/11/17 – D/L The Mp3 – Valentines Day only comes once a YEAR .. and We DESTROY IT !
02/04/17 – D/L The Mp3 – One part Rockabilly One Part Psychobilly and a WHOLE lotta Madness in our own Mixabilly Style

January 2017

01/28/16 – D/L The Mp3 – The 300th Episode of Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite celebrates all that is Rockabilly & Psychobilly 90 mins
01/21/16 – D/L The Mp3 – Rockin’ Loud this week as WE Blast The Psychobilly Harder asnd Faster
01/14/16 – D/L The Mp3 – Mix-A-Billy Music in FULL Effect .. Turn It Up !
01/07/16 – D/L The Mp3 – Our kick off to 2017 / We Are Ready To Rock.