HR2N 2016

December 2016

Screaming Dead Radios – Get The Mp3 – Half Hour Holiday Mess … Are Christmas Party
12/12/16 – Get The Mp3 – Its a Big end of the year PARTY of DOOMSDAY ROCK
12/03/16 –  Get The Mp3 – Ready Set Go Cat Go … This is the show that ALMOST wasn’t !

November 2016

11/26/16 – Get The Mp3 – Get Ready To ROCK as The SOUNDS are POUNDING the SPEAKERS this week into Overdrive.
11/19/16 – Get The Mp3 – Rock N Roll at it’s Finest is amp’d up and ready to GO GO GO . It’s a Mixabilly Rocker
11/12/16 – Get The Mp3 – After ONE crazy week it’s time to Get Together and ROCK OUT
11/05/16 – Get The Mp3 – Let’s Rock the NEW and Mix it up with Psychobilly / Rockabilly Music Running WILD and CRAZY

October 2016

10/29/16 – Get The Mp3 – Come one come all to this Years Halloween Rock N Roll show that Has all The Great MONSTER songs
10/22/16 – Get The Mp3 – Lock YOUR DOORS and Protect YOUR BRAIN !!! It’s Time for the Zombie Cast on Hot Roddin’ 2+Nite
10/16/16 – Get The Mp3 – Sin is in …It’s time for October IN HELL . Yes friends song all about The Devil , Demons and so much more
10/08/16 – Get The Mp3 – Time to grab some POPCORN and Butter YOUR BRAINS to some great tunes about Horror Movies and Silver Screen Classics
10/01/16 – Get The Mp3 – Go Go PSYCHO !!!!! As Oct chills us Down the Music Amps up into WEIRD Wild and Strange Greatness

September 2016

09/24/16 – Get The Mp3 – Mixing up the Old with the New Rockabilly & Psychobilly with Classics
09/17/16 – Get The Mp3 – New and Rockin’ That is what we Blast Out this week with new TUNES
09/10/16 – Get The Mp3 – Get some Johnny Cash like you have NEVER heard it Before
09/03/16 – Get The Mp3 – A BIG Mashed up Blender Full of Rockabilly / Psychobilly is on the Line UP

August 2016

08/27/16 – Get The Mp3 – Turn It UP .. This week is an EPIC 90 Minute show. YOU get to hear my Chat with Randy B of Punch Drunk Cabaret
08/20/16 – Get The Mp3 – Time to Go ALL out and MIX up the Music In the mode of WILD
Hot Roddin Xtra – Get The Mp3 – An Episode of Hot Roddin to Celebrate the Life of the KING
08/13/16 – Get The Mp3 – Get ready for a BIG OL’ Mixabilly Week as we slam through some Great #Rockabilly / #Psychobilly Music
08/06/16 – Get The Mp3 – Get ready FOR SEX DRUGS & Rock ‘N’ Roll as we get HIGH this week

July 2016

07/30/16 – Get The Mp3 – It’s a Birthday Bash for The Sheep Dog as we go WILD in Party Mode
07/23/16 – Get The Mp3 – High Flying Loud Roarin’ Rock ‘N’ Roll is pouring from the TAP this week
07/16/16 – Get The Mp3 – Crank it up this week as we HIT the Old School Raw Rockabilly Sound with SOME REAL FUN Boppin and Shakin’ TUNES
07/09/16 – Get The Mp3 – Voodoo Rock ‘N’ Roll takes control and floods the SOUL From the Swamp To the Darkness Your own Mind.
07/02/16 – Get The Mp3 – We Mix It Up and Rock It Loud on This weeks Episode

June 2016

06/25/16 – Get The Mp3 – Get ready to Go MENTAL with Instrumentals
06/18/16 – Get The Mp3 – We’re going to BLOW IT UP as we GO PSYCHO and get ROWDY with all kinds of Brand new Tracks
06/11/16 – Get The Mp3 – Running it Fast and Loud this week as the Engine is all rev’d up and Ready to Roll
06/04/16 – Get The Mp3 – Summer Time is here and We Mash Out some summer Tunes

May 2016

05/28/16 – Get The Mp3 – Get ROWDY on this Blasting Mixabilly Week besides all the Rockin we also pay tribute to the King of The Night Count Dracula !!
05/21/16 – Get The Mp3 – Time to Go CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY with some WILD Psychobilly
05/14/16 – Get The Mp3 – Let’s go and Rock N Roll on this Mix-A-Billy week
05/07/16 – Get The Mp3 – We’re going to get SMOTHERED in COVERS

April 2016

04/30/16 – Get The Mp3 – when The Psychobilly and Rockabiilly MEET it causes speakers to RUMBLE
04/23/16 – Get The Mp3 – Time to GET LOUD with PURE Rock N Roll and NO Filler
04/15/16 – Get The Mp3 -Rock n Roll Goes to Outer Space !!!
04/09/16 – Get The Mp3 – this mixabilly week brings you Psycho/Rockabilly that will hit your Speakers Hard & Fast
04/02/16 – Get The Mp3 – Spring Break time is here ( Drinkin’  Druggin’ & Sinnin ‘)

March 2016

03/26/16 – Get The Mp3 – Loud and Raw Rockin’ this week as we Turn up some great New Rockabilly and Psychobilly
03/19/16 – Get The Mp3 – One Full hour of Ass Kickin’ Hell Raising & Hard Rockin’ Woman
03/12/16 – Get The Mp3 – Crazy Rock ‘N’ Roll Beat plays loud from The Jungle to the City and all Around The World
03/05/16 – Get The Mp3 – Time too CRANK up the Speakers as we go into Mix-a-Billy Mode

Feb 2016

02/27/16 – Get The Mp3 – Time to Bop Shake Wreck and Stroll along with a Psycho/Rockabilly Dance Party !!
02/20/16 – Get The Mp3 – it’s a wild Mixabilly week at the dog house
02/13/16 – Get The Mp3 – The 6th Annual Un-Valentimes Day show
02/06/16 – Get The Mp3 – Jump in The Hot Rod of Sound and Take it around the Block

January 2016

01/30/16 – Get The Mp3 – Time to AMP things up and Go Wild with a Pure Wrecker of a Show
01/23/16 – Get The Mp3 – Mix it Up Shake It Upand Tear It Up with one LOUD HOUR .That will keep you On YOUR Feet
01/16/16 – Get The Mp3 – Mix-A-Billy Music in FULL Effect .. Turn It Up !
01/09/16 – Get The Mp3 – Our kick off to 2016 Including a Tribute to Lemmy & Hank Sr.